News of the World of 1030 Wars

Welcome to 1030 WARS. I am hoping to have some great features here as well as be a good looking portal to the different universes that are avalable in 1030 WARS!! More to come soon!!! Please report any bugs on the Facebook page or submit a Support Ticket for the appropriate Universe.

Subject: Universe 3

Posted on : 12/7/2017 4:10:33 PM BY Admin

Universe 3 now open!!

Subject: New Universe

Posted on : 10/11/2017 5:57:18 PM BY Admin

Hello everyone. We will soon be launching universe 3!! It will be the same style just slower than Universe 4. We have received many requests asking for a slower Universe, so here it is!! Check back for updates as to when it opens!!

Registered Players: 1
Game Speed: 90.000.000
Fleet Speed: 40
Colonies Settled: 1
Defense to Debris: 50
Fleet to Debris: 25

Registered Players: 23
Game Speed: 5.000.000
Fleet Speed: 20
Colonies Settled: 616
Defense to Debris: 75
Fleet to Debris: 50
Registered Players: 61
Game Speed: 10.000.000
Fleet Speed: 40
Colonies Settled: 983
Defense to Debris: 50
Fleet to Debris: 25